Helpful Links:
  1. AvancemosSpanish 1A Our class text site with interactive practice
  2. Avancemos 1b Spa 2 online practice practice with activities from our Spanish 2 book!
  3. You have to click on Spanish 1 and THEN go to unit 4,5 or 6 and the correct etapa. ( Former book series)
  4. Fun spanish games! ( 123 teach me)
  5. Choose a verb tense and practice conjugations!
  6. Free rice- Do vocab translations to earn rice for the poor.
  8. Choose your level of Spanish, then choose what you want to review.
  9. Create a story
  10. Create a comic ( ¡¡en español por supuesto!! :) )
  11. Music videos a to help you remember grammar points
  12. Repaso de Grammática Great review to practice listening, writing and selecting correct responses while you move up levels. ( copy & paste address- I am unable to add link because I have already signed up myself and you will only come to my page of activities).
  13. Fun songs, fill in the blanks to oldies-- but goodies!!!! You might recognize several of these!Canciones
  14. Listening situations for all language levels
  15. Verbix- Conjugate any very in all tenses
  16. Ethnic linguistic map of southwestern Europe Check out this map of Europe.
  17. Conjuguemos chose any verb tense and practice conjugating! Great review for tests! ;)
  18. Great for review!!!!
  19. Learn languages online
  20. vocabulary learning site
  21. Games & Activities Illustrated children's stories great for listening and following along- see what you can understand!!!!!( Les recomiendo "El medio pollito" )
  22. record your assignment orally and send it to me!
  23. Word reference An online translator for a word or expression- ¡¡NOT FOR TRANSLATING ENTIRE PASSAGES OR HOMEWORK !
  24. Currency converter ( list of many countries)
  25. Metacognitive ( self thinking )strategies checklist for studying
  26. Review
  27. Spanish with the BBC
  28. Conjugate any verb in all 14 tenses!!
  29. View and practice conjugation with Spanish verb conjugation trainer - any tense
  30. Juegos en línea juegos
  31. Review lessons in spanish
  32. Useful basic travel vocabulary
  33. **GAMES----Look for the topic you want to practice!-You may look by theme, book or level.
  34. Make your own comic strips! Es una manera divertida de practicar tu Español!
  37. Spanish Language and Culture
  38. Fun WebQuests
  39. Spanish Accents How to type Spanish accents in the computer.
  40. Spanish Grammar Guía excelente de repaso ( Excellent Reference guide for review).
  41. Quizlet -Flashcard, game creator! Make your own cards to prepare for quizzes & tests!!!
  42. Power Point Presentations. Lots of Spanish grammar and essential vocabulary power point presentations. You can save them to your computer!
  43. Spanish Verb Conjugation Trainer. The name says it all!
  44. Verb Drill
  45. subjunctive review
  46. Type the verb & verb tense you want to look up for a complete conjugation
  47. Study Cultura
  48. Sra Nuzzi homepage practice
  49. Word of the day
  50. Las culturas Educational and informational resource with original content and links to quality information around the web.
  51. The Internet Picture Dictionary: Spanish Includes games and, of course, pictures.
  52. Tongue Twisters Trabalenguas en español.
  53. Interactive world map with demographics ( info from 2010)

La Literatura

  1. una selección de literatura avanzada
  3. Large selection of short stories
  4. Great site for listening to short stories! ¡Buena práctica!
  5. La poesía

La lengua y la cultura hispana

  1. Great site for advanced students. Listen to advertisements & watch cultural videos.
  2. CNN in Spanish Fun quotient varies from day to day.
  3. - culture & grammar
  4. Short Stories Quite a collection.
  5. Alegría Mexican Folkdancing
  6. Taller hispano Authentic materials related to selected cultural themes.
  7. Museo del Prado The official website of one of the world's most famous museums.
  8. Cinco de Mayo Informative page about this important Mexican holiday.
  9. Day of the Dead Explore rich tradition of this ancient ritual.
  10. Día de San Valentín
  11. Welcome to Puerto Rico Explore the beaches; meet the people.
  12. Cyberspain A grand journey through Spain.
  13. Reproductions of items from the museum 'el Prado'
  14. The Maya Ruins Page Learn about various Mayan archaelogical sites.
  15. A Guatemalan travel magazine First-person stories from Guatemala
  16. Biblioteca Virtual de Cervantes Listen to Spanish authors
  17. vocab review/practice
  18. La Cultura Hispanica- Días de fiesta
  19. Spanish trivia

La cocina hispana

  1. recetas de España
  2. Recetas Favoritas de España Classic Recipes, en el español y el inglés.
  3. Bizarre Foods Search the country you are interested in and see a video of the Bizarre foods found there.
  4. Cocineros argentinos incluye receta del día.

Periódicos ( newspapers)

  1. Daily News Latino
  2. Daily news in Spanish- Check out the videos!!
  3. Hispanic Magazine
  4. Daily news live! Listen to the daily news live- ¡en español por supuesto!!
  5. **Random Idiom Generator** Practice authentic speech.
  6. The New York Times Learning Network Connections for students, teachers and parents.
  7. Newspaper Index. From all over the word!
  8. Language Resources. Lots of information on Spain's culture, food, language, etc. Check out the videos of different cities in Spain.

Práctica con la grammática

  1. ** Repaso de gramática/grammar review for all levels. Listen to native speakers talk about a variety of topics.
  2. ** Repaso de gramática/ grammar review
  3. ** Repaso de gramática/ grammar review
  4. study verb conjugations
  5. Bowdoin's Spanish professor Enrique Yepes' grammar site
  6. ultralingua. reference site to explain and review all grammar
  7. National Spanish Examination: Plenty of practice with games and activities. It reviews culture, grammar and vocabulary
  8. choose your topic and game and have fun!
  9. Subjunctive in adverbial clauses Subjuntivo
  10. Más subjuntive
  11. Explanación del subjunctivo
  12. Subjuntivo**

Unit specific

  1. sitio del Medio Ambiente
  2. Pew Research Centerresearch center chronicling statistic on Hispanic statistics immigration population...etc!
  3. Latinos by geography
  4. Interactive map of unauthorized immigration
  5. interactive map Hispanic Population by county
  6. Hispanic Population trends
  7. Population distribution of Hispanic Origen
  8. **Human Rights International-- current events effecting people all over the world.
  9. Colombia todo sobre el país
  10. CIA The World Fact Book
  11. Argentina
  12. travel video Argentina
  13. El medio ambiente- Univision
  14. Covering Activism and Politics in Latin America
  15. National Public Radio
  16. El arte - Impressionante arquitectura " bovedas catalanes" de Rafael Guastavi
  17. Las caricaturas/chistes(comics/jokes)
  18. información sobre las comunidades autonomas de España y todo de España
  19. ** Interactive Maps of the world
  20. Medical Spanish
  21. Refranes en español

La música

  1. Musical spanish
  2. music with grammar and flashcards
  3. Salsa Roots Essential guide to the history of salsa.
  4. Batanga: ¡Música en español!
  5. Canciones en español
  6. ¡Juanes! su sitio web

Sitios de televisión y noticias en español de todo el mundo hispano

1.Amar en tiempos revueltos Español 4&5 una telenovela para escuchar diariamente el español- ¡¡Buena practica!!
2. TVE: (España)
3. Nuevos horizontes:
4. Gustavo Fares:
5. Telemundo:
6. TV Azteca:
7. Canal 13-la Argentina:
8. Teleamazonas:
9. TV Chile: (tienes que registarte)
10. Noticieros Televisa:
11. CNN en México:
12. MSN en español:
13. Canal 7 Costa Rica:
14. Daily Motion :
15. World Wide Internet TelevisionWith more than 2,750 online TV stations listed, this site lets you choose from countries ranging from A (Afghanistan) to Z (Zimbabwe), and from categories that include news, business, education, entertainment, government, kids, and lifestyle.
15. Univision Spanish cable channel
16. Noticias en Castellano Servicio Latinoamericano de la BBC
17.NY Times Americas Find news by country!
19.*60 seconds of international news clips by BBC and lots of good resources for students. Go to site and click on for student tab!!las-noticias-en-60-segundos/c1jb3


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